May 30, 2024

PerfectScale is now available on the Datadog Marketplace

Ira Chernous
Technical PMM & Documentation Specialist

We're thrilled to announce that PerfectScale, a comprehensive autonomous Kubernetes optimization platform, is now accessible on the Datadog Marketplace. This combination revolutionizes Kubernetes infrastructure management by integrating the industry-leading observability solution with the best-in-class Kubernetes optimization platform. As a Datadog customer, you now have access not only to complete infrastructure visibility but also effortless control over your K8s environment. This enables quick, data-driven decision-making processes to achieve peak Kubernetes performance at the lowest possible cost.

"We are seeing a vast majority of Kubernetes clusters are wasting at least 50% of their resources, and at the same time, 25% of workloads are either under-provisioned or misconfigured in a way that impacts performance and resilience,” said Amichai Lesser, VP of Business Development at PerfectScale. “In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, where every company is undergoing swift digital transformation, the demand for optimized Kubernetes management has reached incredible levels. We are excited to join the Datadog Marketplace community, enabling their global customer base to access the PerfectScale K8s optimization platform with just a few clicks."

PerfectScale is a cloud-agnostic solution, that supports all Kubernetes environments, including, AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenShift, and on-premises.

The launch of PerfectScale in the Datadog Marketplace unlocks the innovative approach and brings optimization to a new level, helping teams eliminate wasted resources and ensure system resiliency and availability at all times for environments of any scale and complexity. 

Implementing PerfectScale is seamless and takes just minutes to enable the following capabilities:

  • Cut Kubernetes Cost: Eliminate wasted resources safely, without impacting stability and performance.
  • Improve Resiliency: Proactively identify resource-provisioning misconfigurations and eliminate them.
  • Optimize Autonomously: Safely and accurately adjust workloads' resources without requiring manual intervention from your team.
  • Act Proactively: Stay informed about resilience risks, prioritize tasks, and resolve issues before they impact performance and user experience.
  • Enhance Visibility and Governance: Gain a granular multi-cloud, multi-cluster view of your entire K8s environment and unlock advanced analytics.

With this launch, we're pleased to announce the Datadog Alerts Integration

Datadog is a comprehensive monitoring and analytics platform that offers observability into various infrastructures, applications, and services aspects. It enables users to gather, visualize, and analyze data from multiple sources, including servers, containers, databases, cloud services, and third-party services.

PerfectScale’s Alerting was designed to provide real-time notifications when resiliency risks are identified throughout your Kubernetes environment. This feature enables you to stay informed about potential issues or risks in your K8s in real-time and proactively address these issues before they escalate, ensuring optimal performance, availability, and reliability of your services. Additionally, alerts empower you to prioritize tasks efficiently and make sure you spend time on what matters.

This integration offers a centralized and streamlined way to monitor and address issues in real-time, ensuring a more efficient and coordinated response to any risks that arise.

Ready to take advantage of Datadog Alerts Integration? Check our Documentation Portal for the details, or book a technical session with our team for assistance with configuration.

Ready to start your optimization journey? Visit PerfectScale on Datadog Marketplace, and start a free 30-day trial today!

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PerfectScale, the innovative Kubernetes Optimization and Governance Platform is now available on Datadog Marketplace. Unlock optimization of your Kubernetes clusters to proactively eliminate waste while enhancing stability and performance.
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