April 16, 2024

AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR) with PerfectScale

Ira Chernous
Technical PMM & Documentation Specialist

AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) offer a detailed breakdown of the expenses and usage associated with each AWS service. Amazon Web Services (AWS) operates on a pay-as-you-go system. This means users can monitor their daily usage and associated costs through AWS's cost management tools or third-party solutions, like PerfectScale. 

We are happy to announce that with PerfectScale CUR integration, you can now retrieve detailed usage data and precise K8s pricing. 

Let's dig in!

What is an AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR)?

AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR) is the most detailed set of information on your usage of cloud computing services provided by AWS, as well as associated costs, including billing, discounts, reserved resources, free credits, etc.

Furthermore, AWS CUR offers the following features:

  • Customization of reports allows you to define the granularity of the data, the period for analysis, etc.
  • Reports scheduling enables automatic updates on AWS usage and spending on a regular basis.
  • Cost allocation tags allow the categorization of AWS resources and spending with custom tags, giving more flexibility over K8s cost management.

In data - veritas!

Understanding the actual cloud costs is crucial for making strategic decisions and achieving the best results in a K8s optimization journey. An accurate and granular picture of your K8s spending is a foundation for in-depth data analysis, enabling you to discover new optimization opportunities and prioritize the most impactful actions by identifying cost-driving services. 

Do you have any discounts or free credits available from your cloud provider? Additionally, what type of node reservations are you utilizing in your K8s infrastructure? And finally, how many Spots or Reserved instances do you currently have? These may seem like tough questions, but all of these factors are essential components of your unique billing conditions that play a critical role in determining your final cost and optimization strategy.

PerfectScale enables you to stay on top of the precise data and provides variable options to configure custom pricing. We continuously strive to streamline this process for you and are delighted to share that it has now become more effortless and dynamic than ever before.

PerfectScale AWS Cost and Usage Report Integration

We at PerfectScale appreciate questions as they help us identify problems, but our primary value is answers!

PerfectScale AWS CUR integration enforces and streamlines your K8s cost management process and nullifies the limitations related to your billing specifics by pulling precise data directly from AWS. 

Through the integration, you'll benefit from:

  • Getting actual pricing, incorporating your Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, and Discounts.
  • Immediate updates reflecting cost adjustments in real-time.
  • Accurate and precise reporting for FinOps and chargeback needs.

How to start using PerfectScale AWS CUR integration?

To start using AWS CUR integration, only three simple steps are needed.

  1. Before proceeding, it's essential to create a Cost and Usage Report (CUR) for your AWS account. If you haven't created one, you can easily do it using the official AWS documentation. However, our engineers have extracted the essence for you and prepared a comprehensive guide. If you have already created an AWS CUR, skip this step and move forward to the next one.
  1. Setting up PerfectScale CUR Integration can be done in just a minute with a simple configuration.
  1. That is a time to apply the configured CUR to your cluster(s). Since CUR doesn't apply retroactively, it only reflects the actual costs after the implementation. Your dashboards will be updated with relevant information, and the Trend report will pinpoint the precise moment when CUR integration commenced its operation.

Ready to streamline your cloud cost management and empower your saving strategy with PerfectScale AWS CUR integration? Visit our Documentation Portal for the details, or book a technical session with our team for assistance with configuration.

Still not with PerfectScale? Start your free trial today and enhance your K8s optimization journey with ease.

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