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We're inviting businesses like yours to join us on this exciting journey, as a partner. Whether you're a referral partner, reseller, managed service provider (MSP), consultant, or cloud provider, we have a program tailored for you.

Make long-lasting impacts on your customers and your business

Boost Client Satisfaction and Success

Boost Client Satisfaction and Success

Unlock Additional Revenue Streams

Unlock Additional Revenue Streams

Deepen your Portfolio and Offerings

Deepen your Portfolio and Offerings

“We found significant cost savings opportunities that reinvest clusters that were lacking resources. This resulted in a fully stable, resilient, and cost-effective environment with no impacts on our budget.”
Barak Arzuan DevOps at Solidus Labs

Barak Arzuan

DevOps Engineer Consultant
@ Develeap

"We went from calculating Kubernetes resources on spreadsheets to getting instant access to the data we need to right-size our environments.  PerfectScale has helped us eliminate CPU throttling and OOM issues, and make informed decisions on where we can optimize costs. "

Anton Weiss

Founder and CEO atOtomato

The PerfectScale partnership difference

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The most compelling commercial terms in the industry.

A wide variety of programs with generous partner terms

Provide your customers with immediate value

Easy to install, instant substantial gains, long lasting benefits

Partner priority guaranteed

Once a partner deal is registered our sales team will not compete

Sell direct or through the AWS marketplace

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Accelerate your success with a dedicated partner sales team and creative joint marketing programs

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At PerfectScale, we believe in co-creating value. Our partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual success, and our programs are designed to create win-win situations. We're here to provide you with the tools, training, and support you need to succeed.

Our Partner Programs:

Referral Fee Program

An excellent opportunity for those who believe in the value PerfectScale brings to businesses. By referring potential customers, you are not only simplifying K8 right-sizing for your clients but also earning financial rewards. It's a symbiotic relationship that enriches everyone involved.

Reseller Program

Designed for entities ready to extend their product offerings with our industry-leading Kubernetes optimization solution. Unlock new business avenues, drive mutual growth, and receive our full backing and support throughout your reselling journey.

MSP Program

Enrich your service portfolio, increase client satisfaction, and expand your business footprint in the Kubernetes services sector. Our MSPs are entrusted with the delivery and management of our solution, which is guaranteed to make long-term, significant impacts to your clients.

Consulting Partner Program

Custom-built for DevOps, Kubernetes, and FinOps Consultancies.
By integrating PerfectScale into your consultancy practice, you're adding significant value to your service offerings, helping clients overcome the ‘Day-2” challenges of optimizing costs, improving system stability, and ensuring business transformation objectives are me

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Partner’s FAQ

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What are the benefits of becoming a PerfectScale partner?

Becoming a PerfectScale partner provides benefits such as boosted client satisfaction, expanded portfolio offerings,  increased revenue streams, dedicated partner resources, and generous commercial terms. Becoming a partner equips you to deliver superior yet simplified Kubernetes optimization to your customers.

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What types of partnerships does PerfectScale offer?

PerfectScale offers partnerships for referrals, resellers, MSPs, and consultancies. Programs are tailored based on partner business models to create mutually beneficial relationships. We provide the tools, training, and support partners need to integrate our leading solution.

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How do I get started with the PerfectScale partnership program?

Getting started is easy! Simply select the program that fits your business needs, and fill out the sign-up form to have one of our partner specialists contact you. We'll discuss partnership details and how PerfectScale can help grow your business. You'll gain access to resources to accelerate success.

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