July 18, 2023

PerfectScale Debuts on AWS Marketplace - Unleashing Next-Gen Kubernetes Resilience and Optimization for All

Amichai Lesser
Vice President of Business Development

We are excited to announce that PerfectScale, a cloud-native solutions provider of the cutting-edge Kubernetes Optimization Platform has made its grand entrance on the AWS Marketplace. This revolutionary solution takes a giant leap in performance safeguarding, waste reduction and resource optimization of Kubernetes environments, ensuring they are resilient, cost-efficient and deliver a seamless application experience. Now available to millions of AWS users worldwide, PerfectScale is changing the game, bringing unprecedented control, efficiency, and cost savings to Kubernetes environments.

PerfectScale's advanced technology provides a smarter way to manage Kubernetes, by deftly handling resources, ensuring applications are not just surviving, but thriving. PerfectScale constantly adjusts the environment based on real-time workload demands. No more capacity-related SLO/SLA breaches or outages, no more wasted resources or budget - PerfectScale ensures your Kubernetes capacity is always in the sweet spot.

In a world where every company is a software company that is digitally transforming at warp speed, the need for optimized Kubernetes management has never been greater. With the launch of PerfectScale in the AWS Marketplace, we're breaking new ground. Imagine being able to not only navigate the complex landscape of Kubernetes but also ensure every cluster is setup correctly, guaranteeing system resiliency and availability in the most cost-effective way. That's PerfectScale.

The idea behind PerfectScale started from a simple question, "What if Kubernetes practitioners could eliminate the time-consuming toil required to right-size their environment, and instead focus on what they do best? Imagine how that could impact their business." From this question, PerfectScale was born.

Take, for instance, proteanTecs, a unicorn in predictive health monitoring for electronics. They have realized the full potential of PerfectScale's revolutionary Kubernetes management, reducing 50% of their costs and increasing application performance in the process. "PerfectScale helped us strike a perfect balance between our resource needs and costs, without compromising on performance," says Shai Cohen, VP of Operations at proteanTecs. You can read more about their journey with PerfectScale here.

AWS customers now have access to PerfectScale’s Kubernetes Optimization and Governance platform directly on the AWS Marketplace. The system supports customers utilizing AWS-managed (EKS) and unmanaged Kubernetes services, as well as those that support multi-cloud environments (Including GKE, AKS, Openshift, and KOPS environments). 

Implementing PerfectScale is a seamless experience and takes only a matter of minutes to deploy throughout the complete environment. Customers can easily start a trial, select the optimal package to support their environment, and subscribe to the services they need using their existing AWS accounts. This eliminates the bottlenecks and administrative overhead that occur during the procurement process, allowing teams to focus more on maximizing our solution capabilities to drive the results your company needs.

It's an exciting day for PerfectScale and all AWS users. We believe that the future of Kubernetes management lies in smart, automated resource optimization, and we're excited to bring this future to AWS Marketplace. We invite you to experience PerfectScale for yourself and witness a new way in managing Kubernetes performance and cost.

Let’s step into the future, together. Welcome to PerfectScale on AWS Marketplace, start a free 30-day trial of PerfectScale [HERE]

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