October 31, 2023

Introducing the PerfectScale Partner Program - Accelerating Kubernetes Optimization

Amichai Lesser
Vice President of Business Development

Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for container orchestration, providing organizations with scalability, flexibility, and portability for their modern application workloads. As adoption of Kubernetes has exploded, so has the cost of managing it and the criticality of ensuring its resilience and stability. Hence efficiently operating and optimizing Kubernetes environments has become a major priority.

That's where PerfectScale comes in. Our Kubernetes optimization platform right-sizes resources across complex deployments, helping organizations drastically optimize costs while continuously improving the performance, reliability, and efficiency of their Kubernetes clusters. And today, I'm excited to announce the launch of the PerfectScale Partner Program to empower partners to unlock more value for customers through Kubernetes right sizing and optimization.

Why Launch a PerfectScale Partner Program?

Since our founding, PerfectScale has remained laser-focused on our core mission - optimizing Kubernetes infrastructure end-to-end. Our technology combines real-time metrics with AI-driven analytics to provide actionable recommendations that keep Kubernetes environments continuously tuned.

While we've seen fantastic traction optimizing customer infrastructure directly, we know that engaging with partners expands our reach exponentially. Many organizations rely on trusted partners for assessing, deploying, and managing their Kubernetes environments.

By empowering partners to deliver PerfectScale's optimization capabilities, we can make an impact on even more Kubernetes deployments worldwide. That's why launching this new partner program is such a pivotal moment.

Our partner program equips partners with the tools, training, and support needed to right size and optimize customer Kubernetes environments using PerfectScale. This creates a true win-win - partners differentiate their offerings while customers benefit from maximized performance and cost-efficiency.

Who Can Join the PerfectScale Partner Program?

We designed the PerfectScale partner program to accommodate partners of all types who are engaged in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Here are the main partner categories we support:

Referral Partners: Well-suited for organizations that want to refer PerfectScale into their customer or prospect ecosystem. This provides a straightforward way to add value with minimal time investment.

Reseller Partners: Optimized for partners that want to package and resell the PerfectScale platform directly to their customer base. Discounts and sales/technical enablement resources help drive partner profitability.

MSP Partners: Built for managed services providers who want to deliver PerfectScale's optimization as a Kubernetes managed service offering. Helps MSPs enhance their Kubernetes management practices.

Consulting Partners: Ideal for Kubernetes consultants who want to incorporate PerfectScale into their service delivery. Lead with a free Kubernetes health check and expands with capacity planning, optimization, and cost management capabilities.

This diverse partner ecosystem enables multiple collaboration models for driving Kubernetes optimization. Whether you want to refer opportunities, resell PerfectScale, or deliver it as a service - we've got you covered.

What Do PerfectScale Partners Get?

Partners are essential to our go-to-market strategy. That's why we invest significant resources into enabling partner success.

Here are some of the key benefits available to PerfectScale partners:

  • Deal registration - Ensure partner deals are protected and properly compensated
  • Sales enablement - Access to sales training, objection handling, competitive intel, and more
  • Technical enablement - Engineer-led training on deploying and supporting PerfectScale
  • Co-branded assets - Create joint solution content leveraging PerfectScale branding
  • Not-for-resale (NFR) tenants - Free PerfectScale SaaS tenants for partner use towards internal training, demos and sandboxes
  • Exclusive partner perks - Unique discounts, referral fees, and market development funds

We built this partner program to be one of the most compelling in the Kubernetes optimization space. Our goal is nothing short of total partner success.

And we're just getting started - expect continual enhancements and new resources added over time as we expand the program.

How Partners Accelerate Customer Success

PerfectScale partners play an invaluable role taking customers through their Kubernetes optimization journey. Partners have deep expertise that perfectly complements PerfectScale's technology capabilities.

Here are just some of the ways partners accelerate optimization success:

  • Kubernetes Health Check and Assessments - Partners can conduct in-depth Kubernetes environment assessments for clients using PerfectScale to assess the health of their clusters and uncover optimization opportunities.
  • Proof-of-Concept Deployments - Partners help implement POC deployments of PerfectScale for customers, proving out the value before larger rollouts.
  • Optimization Sessions - partners conduct optimization sessions for customers to take action on the recommendations from PerfectScale. 
  • Ongoing Management - Partners can monitor PerfectScale and continuously tune Kubernetes environments on behalf of customers.
  • Architecture Guidance - Partners develop Kubernetes and FinOps architectures and strategies optimized for high-efficiency resource usage and financial reporting.
  • Integration Services - Partners integrate PerfecScale with the customer’s DevOps (e.g. ArgoCD, GitLab), observability (e.g. Grafana, DataDog), service management (e.g. JIRA, Service Now) and communication stack (e.g. Slack, Teams)
  • Technical Training - Partners train client teams on Kubernetes and PerfectScale best practices for maintaining optimized environments.
  • ROI Analysis - Partners can demonstrate and quantify PerfectScale's value through detailed cost/benefit analyses.

These are just a few examples - opportunities to deliver value are endless for creative partners who understand customers' infrastructure and business objectives.

Get Started with the PerfectScale Partner Program

If you're excited about the opportunity to join PerfectScale's partner ecosystem, here are a few easy ways to get started:

  • Visit our Partner Page - Learn more about partnership benefits and requirements, and sign up for the program. 
  • Sign up for a PerfectScale trial - Experience the optimization capabilities firsthand in your own environment
  • Contact our partner team - Reach out to partners@perfectscale.io to discuss partnership options

And if you'll be attending KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America or AWS re:Invent this November, be sure to connect with our team onsite! We'd love to meet face-to-face.

Book a time for:

I'm tremendously excited about all the innovation we can drive together through the PerfectScale partner program. Kubernetes optimization is just getting started - and partners are absolutely essential to our go-to-market vision.

Let's build something transformative!

So come join our growing partner ecosystem by visiting www.perfectscale.io/partners. I can't wait to see what we can accomplish as partners!

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🚀 Exciting News: Introducing the PerfectScale Partner Program! 🚀 Kubernetes optimization is more crucial than ever, and we're thrilled to announce our new Partner Program to supercharge it. Join us in revolutionizing Kubernetes environments for peak performance and efficiency.
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