May 24, 2024

PerfectScale: May 2024 Releases Recap

Ira Chernous
Technical PMM & Documentation Specialist

It’s summer, and the weather is getting hot, but that is not stopping PerfectScale from bringing the Heat! We’ve been working hard to release numerous small and big improvements to enhance your K8s optimization journey. Join me in exploring the recent updates designed to enhance your automation experience, streamline alert management, and simplify administrative duties.

Automation Enhancement 

To help you achieve quicker cost-saving results, we have enhanced our automation feature, designed to accelerate your path to K8s efficiency ensuring your K8s stability and performance.

To enhance your automated actions analysis and identify opportunities for improving Day-2 operations and Kubernetes management, we have developed the Automation Audit Log.

This feature empowers you to:

  • Effortlessly review a detailed breakdown of all changes made.
  • Gain quick insights into specific tasks executed, containers affected, and precise timestamps indicating when each action occurred. 
  • Ensure transparency in your operations and facilitate further analysis.

New Alerts Management Capabilities

To streamline your Slack alert notifications and make them more scalable and customizable for your unique use cases, we've introduced several new options for managing it: 

  1. Route Slack Notifications by channel_id
    With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly configure alerts to be sent to different Slack channels for various workloads within a cluster, by simply specifying the Slack channel ID. This approach ensures seamless alerting, streamlining the configuration process.
  2. Configure Alerts for Namespaces
    To maximize your effectiveness, Slack routing is available on the namespace level. By setting up routing for the entire namespace you can significantly streamline alerts management, ensure consistency across all alerts within that namespace, and reduce the risk of configuration errors.

Alerts Filtering

To help you better organize your alert handling procedure, prioritize issues based on their impact, and focus on the most important ones, we have added an Alerts Filtering option. 

This update allows you to display alerts based on their status (e.g., active alerts only) and filter issues by their impact on the performance and stability of your Kubernetes environment. Additionally, this unlocks a better evaluation of the health and stability of your clusters, namespaces, and specific workloads, guiding you toward more proactive changes to help prevent future issues.

Administration Updates 

Help Center

Need support? Want more details about the platform? Have a feature request? All of this, along with the latest updates, are available in our new Help Center. This centralized hub keeps you informed about recent updates, helps you quickly find the answers you need, and ensures you receive timely support to resolve any issues.

Subscription details

To simplify your PerfectScale subscription management, track consumption metrics, and maintain visibility of your license status, we've introduced the Subscription Details page. Here, you can access a comprehensive overview of your license, including your current plan, start and expiration dates, and vCPU consumption with a single view.

Cluster Settings

To ensure you receive superior service and benefit from the latest features, we have enhanced the process of informing you about available PerfectScale Agents updates, and providing further instructions on how to implement them. With this update, you will always stay informed if any actions are needed, enabling you to take quick actions with just a few clicks.

Custom Grouping Improvement

Advanced PerfectScale Grouping is now even more improved. This powerful feature facilitates the aggregation of data and prevents overload through batches of identical information, enabling you to focus on what matters and streamlining analysis processes.

The new grouping capabilities enable you to:

  • Configure more advanced grouping using an expanded list of configurable fields.
  • Preview how the grouping will appear before applying the configuration.
  • Automatically generate grouping with a single click.

To learn more about the latest enhancements and unlock the full capabilities of PerfectScale, visit our documentation portal or book a technical session with our team.

Still not with PerfectScale? Start your free trial today and enhance your K8s optimization journey with ease.

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