March 20, 2024

Press Release: PerfectScale releases granular node-level visibility and insights, and now supports AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR). 

Brendan Cooper
Head of Marketing

Raleigh, NCPerfectScale, a leading provider of Kubernetes Optimization and Governance solutions, announced the launch of advanced node-visibility capabilities and AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) support.  These two additions to their platform will make it easier for organizations to take prescriptive and precise actions that will keep their Kubernetes environments highly available and continuously optimized, while seamlessly connecting with AWS to reflect accurate Reserved Instance (RI) costs and discount pricing. 

Introducing PerfectScale’s InfraFit

PerfectScale’s InfraFit provides a granular view into the overtime resource allocation to the various nodes and VM instances supporting your Kubernetes clusters.  This gives organizations real-time visibility into the idle (unused) resources in each node group, presenting large cost savings opportunities to select nodes that more optimally support your cluster's needs.  Additionally, the advanced visibility provided by InfraFit allows users to evaluate the effectiveness of their autoscaling (Cluster Autoscaler and Karpenter). This helps organizations fine-tune the elasticity of their environments to cost-effectively maintain availability and performance at peak times. 

“In the world of Kubernetes, a common misconception is you pay for what you use,” said Eli Birger, CTO and Co-Founder of PerfectScale. “In reality, you are paying what you have allocated, which often includes large amounts of unused resources. With InfraFit, we are changing the narrative, providing you with prescriptive insights that allow you to optimize your environments so you are using exactly what you are paying for.”

Additionally, InfraFit integrates seamlessly with PerfectScale’s PodFit, its container and workload optimization solution. This provides users with a holistic view across their complete K8s stack, allowing them to optimize cost by identifying and eliminating both over-provisioned and idle resources across their complete environment.  

AWS CUR Support

PerfectScale’s support of Amazon Web Service Cost and Usage Report (AWS CUR) brings complete and accurate cost visibility and usage statistics into their platform.  This will allow PerfectScale to reflect AWS clusters' custom pricing, including volume discounts and pricing discounts associated with Spot Instances, Reserved Instances (RIs), and AWS Savings Plans.  This level of accuracy will allow PerfectScale to better prioritize which optimization action to take to keep their users’ Kubernetes environments continuously finely tuned.

AWS CUR support is just the starting point, with similar functionality for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) planned to be released this summer. 

PerfectScale’s InfraFit and AWS CUR Support, along with all the other platform capabilities, are available in a free, no-commitment, 30-day trial, accessible on their website or through the AWS Marketplace. It takes only minutes to install and starts providing results instantly, all with a minimal footprint on your environment. 

About PerfectScale

PerfectScale’s Kubernetes (K8s) Optimization and Governance Platform makes it easy for DevOps, Platform Engineering, and SRE professionals to improve the cost-effectiveness and stability of their complete K8s environment. As the industry's only production-ready automation solution, K8s environments are safely and effortlessly right-sized for peak resilience and availability, to eliminate wasted resources and cost, and to minimize carbon emissions. As a 2023 Gartner Cool Vendor for Container Management, PerfectScale continuously optimizes every layer of your K8s stack, guaranteeing your environment is always perfectly scalable to meet demand.

PerfectScale is available in a free, no-commitment, 30-day trial. It takes only minutes to deploy and instantly starts cutting K8s costs and boosting performance, all with a minimal footprint on your environment. Get started today at!

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PerfectScale launches InfraFit and AWS CUR solutions to provide enhanced K8s visibility and cost optimization capabilities.
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