July 11, 2023

451 Research: Initial Coverage - PerfectScale

Brendan Cooper
Head of Marketing

The leadership team of PerfectScale recently had a productive conversation with 451 Research - S&P Global Market Intelligence regarding our groundbreaking platform for Kubernetes continuous optimization and governance. The coverage speaks to our mission to become the leader in Day 2 Cloud Operations, and how we are poised to make a significant impact on the Kubernetes and cloud-native technology markets. 

451’s Take:

“The vendor's managed SaaS platform is targeted at overcoming application service disruption, squandered Kubernetes cloud resources, and the productivity waste associated with defining and fixing Kubernetes configurations that is endemic in current cloud-native software stacks The company's platform observes metrics from across the Kubernetes stack, analyzes the data, prioritizes at-risk and wasteful configurations, gives recommendations for optimal configuration changes, and implements changes manually or automatically — PerfectScale asserts that by doing so, it can support cost reduction and improve resilience and SLA compliance.”

Additionally, their initial coverage of PerfectScale, which was released on July 6th, offers a comprehensive analysis on several key aspects:

  • Introduction to PerfectScale: Learn about our mission and the innovative solution we bring to the market.
  • Addressing Industry Challenges: Gain insights into the pressing issues faced by the industry in terms of Continuous K8s Optimization.
  • Evolving Trends in Kubernetes Operations: Discover the latest market trends in the management of Kubernetes operations and how PerfectScale aligns with these developments.
  • Unveiling PerfectScale's Business Model: Get a detailed understanding of our business model and how it supports organizations in optimizing their Kubernetes environments.
  • Competitive Analysis: Explore a comprehensive breakdown of our competitors, including a SWOT analysis that highlights our unique strengths and areas for improvement.

Visit the 451 Research site to read the full article and get valuable analysis, and a deeper understanding, of PerfectScale's capabilities and how we can help you ensure peak Kubernetes performance at the lowest possible cost. (Note: you must have a 451 Research subscription to view the full article) 

About PerfectScale

PerfectScale’s Kubernetes Optimization and Governance platform makes it easy for DevOps, Platform Engineering, and SRE professionals to improve the durability and cost-effectiveness of their complete environment. By comparing overtime usage patterns with resource configurations we provide actionable recommendations that boost performance, eliminate waste, and reduce carbon emissions. Get the data-driven intelligence and visibility needed to optimize every level of your K8s stack and ensure your environment is always perfectly scaled.

PerfectScale is available in a free, no-commitment, 30-day trial. It takes minutes to install and starts providing results instantly, all with a minimal footprint on your environment. Get started today at perfectscale.io!

PerfectScale Lettermark

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