Highlights of 2023: The Year Of Growth For PerfectScale

Marie Jaksman
Growth Marketing Manager

Another exciting year filled with new achievements has passed by in what felt like the blink of an eye, and the wind in our sails is now stronger than ever.

In 2023, after launching PerfectScale in March, investors supported our goal to build and perfectly scale by backing us with $7.1 million in investment. Our team of A-players has doubled to perfectly optimize the growth, and we are eager to reach new heights this year together with both the partners who have been with us since the beginning and the new partnerships we initiated in 2023.

The past year was quite fascinating for PerfectScale, to say the least, and today we wanted to share with you a glimpse of the highlights of 2023.

PerfectScale in Numbers

  • $10 million in total funding
  • Number of total workloads monitored: 169409 workloads
  • Number of total pods monitored: 356679
  • 78.5% of wasted K8s costs saved
  • 61k+ resiliency risks identified and resolved
  • Multiple new clients, like Paramount Pictures, Monday.com, and Fiverr were welcomed
  • Gartner's 2023 Cool Vendor
  • AWS EKS Service Ready Partner Designation
  • Top DevOps Solution in 2023
  • 943 deployments to production
  • 45 blogs and case studies published
  • Tripled the team size
  • 1 marriage and 2 babies
Michael Sklyar, VP R&D and Co-Founder @PerfectScale.

PerfectScale Secures $7.1M Investment Round to Revolutionize Kubernetes Optimization

In a landmark achievement for 2023, PerfectScale announced the successful closure of a significant $7.1 million seed funding round in October.

This round, spearheaded by Blumberg Capital, with contributions from UpWest, Prelude Ventures, K2 Access Fund, Inner Loop Capital, Triangle Tweener Fund, and Firestreak Ventures, brings PerfectScale's total funding to an impressive nearly $10 million since its founding approximately two years ago. This financial milestone is a testament to the company's innovative approach and potential in the rapidly evolving Kubernetes landscape.

PerfectScale full remote team celebrating this big milestone!

Our team could not be happier, and we are excited to continue to simplify the intricate process of managing Kubernetes environments, giving thactionableisibility crucial for optimizing costs without jeopardizing app stability.

You can read the full announcement here.

Growing the A-team!

PerfectScale has experienced significant growth in 2023. In addition to securing funding, we have expanded our A-team to 36 members from all around the world. If you are interested in working with us, send us your CV or check out the available job opportunities here.

Happy clients successfully optimize K8s environments

PerfectScale analyzed 169,409 workloads, saving clients 78.5% on cloud costs!

PerfectScale has built the intelligence for DevOps teams to bring order to the Kubernetes chaos after speaking with potential users and deeply understanding their pain points. We are grateful to each and every one of our customers for their feedback, time, and business.

Take a look how proteanTecs Slashes Cloud Costs While Building a Culture of Optimization

Learn how Solidus Labs Reduces Kubernetes Resilience Issues by 90%

🚀 Product updates you might have missed in 2023

PerfectScale’s Autonomous Kubernetes (K8s) Optimization and Governance Platform makes it easy for DevOps, Platform Engineering, and SRE professionals to improve the stability and cost-effectiveness of their complete K8s environment. We are on a mission to simplify the intricate process of managing Kubernetes environments and ensure your environment is always perfectly scalable to meet demand by effortlessly optimizing every layer of your K8s stack automatically.

In 2023, our solution architects have worked hard day and night to give you better service and we hope to have fulfilled developers’ needs and beyond.

Let's take a look at the most significant product changes for 2023.


This is the highlight of 2023! The PodFit solution makes it easy to keep your Kubernetes environment continuously optimized by right-sizing your containers and pods. Making PerfectScale the industry's only production-ready automation platform that can safely and autonomously right-size your environment to enhance resilience and availability.

>> Watch the PodFit in action here <<

Kubernetes Carbon Mission Visibility

What is the Carbon Impact of Kubernetes? With tightening carbon emission regulations in Europe and North America and an increasing number of enterprises striving to reduce their overall carbon footprint, PerfectScale has introduced a new feature for Kubernetes environments to track and reduce carbon emissions.

This tool is designed for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform clusters, providing immediate emissions tracking upon deployment. It takes into account node types and geographic locations to accurately assess carbon emissions. Take a look at this podcast, where PerfectScale's CEO Amir Banet explains why reducing the carbon footprint of Kubernetes clusters is becoming a higher priority as organizations become more concerned about climate change. Tune in here! 

For more details, you can read the full announcement here.

Revision-aware optimization

The optimization update addresses the complexities of optimizing Kubernetes environments, especially in the context of rapid deployment and continuous changes.

Revision Aware Optimization feature offers a detailed view of workload revisions over the last 30 days, enhancing the understanding of release impacts on cost and resilience. Importantly, it integrates with the PerfectScaler, which autonomously right-sizes workloads. Unlike traditional solutions that rely solely on historical data, PerfectScaler's revision-aware approach considers both past data and current revisions, ensuring safer and more effective workload adjustments.

For more details, visit PerfectScale's blog post about revision awareness.

Alert Customization

To reduce alert fatigue, we allow you to build customized “Alert Profiles” to ensure you are only getting notified about the issues that matter the most to you.

Slack Notifications

You can easily connect alerts to a Slack channel via a webhook or a Slack token. The Slack notifications give you an overview of the issue and a link that will take you directly to the application, so issues can be quickly evaluated and resolved.

Observability Integrations

To help you better analyze the health and costs of your workloads and the recommendations we provide, we allow you to connect our solution directly with Trends.

Idle Costs Trends

From this year on, you can see “idle costs” when running a cost report that is stacked by either workloads or Namespaces.  Idle costs represent spare cluster capacity on top of what was requested by particular workloads. With this comprehensive view, you can better access the efficiency of your environment.

Jira Integration

PerfectScale's Jira integration streamlines the process of implementing the PerfectScale optimization recommendations. With a single click, a Jira ticket can be created and triaged to the appropriate team with details on the issue and exact instructions on how to resolve it.

PerfectScale’s platform is built to provide granular insights into the health, stability, and cost-effectiveness of your Kubernetes environments. That’s right, not only can you secure that your K8 clusters are perfectly scaled, you will save some big bucks too!

78.5% on cloud cost saved for PerfectScale customers

Honors and Mentions that Power our Success

The Most Popular Reads in PerfectScale's Blog

A DevOps engineer is not at the top of his or her game unless he or she keeps up with the latest trends and hacks. This year, we started to publish useful technical guides for DevOps engineers to sharpen their skills and build awesome products faster, not harder.

These are the top reads from our blog in 2023

Reserved Instances

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🚀 How to use Karpenter with AWS Reserved Instances

PerfectScale CEO and Co-Founder Amir Banet with Viktor Farcic

Automate your K8s Resource Management

🚀 [WEBINAR] How to utilize Autoscalers

🚀 Kubernetes Cluster Size Best Practises for Rightsizing

🚀 5 Tips to Address the Shortage of Skilled Kubernetes DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers

Right-size your Kubernetes toolset: Infrastructure for Optimal Cost

🚀 Filling the caps in K8s toolset

🚀 K8s cost optimization and the toil conundrum for SDRs

🚀 K8s cost optimization:- What could go wrong?


This year, we had an amazing chance to attend KubeCon Europe and KubeCon North America. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, participated in demos, and engaged in fruitful conversations. Your help means everything to us!

PerfectScale's team at KubeCon North America

We wish you a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

Thank you for a wonderful 2023; we cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2024!

Team PerfectScale

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Highlights of PerfectScale's 2023 journey include launching the innovative platform, securing a substantial $7.1 million investment round, and achieving exponential growth. A glimpse into an extraordinary year for PerfectScale!
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