March 7, 2023

PerfectScale Launches SaaS Platform to Ensure the Cost-Effectiveness and Durability of Kubernetes Environments

Brendan Cooper
Head of Marketing

PerfectScale enables organizations of all sizes to get the most out of Kubernetes by continuously maximizing the system's efficiency. 

Raleigh, NCPerfectScale, the industry’s first continuous optimization solution built specifically to improve Kubernetes (K8s) environments' durability and cost-effectiveness, announced today its general availability of their SaaS platform. By leveraging sophisticated AI algorithms that evaluate usage patterns and numerous performance and cost metrics, PerfectScale’s solution provides companies with prioritized, impact-aware, and autonomous actions that continually fine-tune their K8s clusters and applications. PerfectScale drives greater alignment between Dev, DevOps, SREs, and FinOps teams by providing a single governance solution that promotes the best performance and resilience, at the lowest possible cost.

For companies managing highly distributed, large-scale Kubernetes environments, the optimization process has become an extremely time-consuming and complex task. If not done correctly, or on a continuous basis, teams will be constantly trying to gain control over rising cloud costs, while continuing to firefighting resilience and performance issues that impact end-user experiences and ultimately digital revenue streams.  

“Optimizing cost and ensuring system resilience has become a top priority for companies around the globe,” said Amir Banet, CEO and Co-Founder of PerfectScale. “Ineffectively allocating Kubernetes resources may cause performance and overspending problems today, and the problems will persist and get exponentially worse as the application scales.  Our mission at PerfectScale is to help organizations get the most out of Kubernetes in an effortless manner by continuously and automatically optimizing each layer of the K8s stack.” 

PerfectScale was built by leaders in product development and DevOps, including Banet and co-founders Eli Birger and Michael Sklyar. Launched for early access in October 2022, PerfectScale's customer base continues to grow at a rapid rate. Customers are immediately finding value by quickly and efficiently optimizing hundreds of clusters that are at the foundation of their most mission-critical applications. 

“Across our customer base, we are seeing at a minimum 30% of K8s resources are wasted, with most companies wasting significantly more,” said Eli Birger, CTO of PerfectScale. “Does this mean that the systems are resilient? No, because we also see on average more than 25% of workloads are under-provisioned, causing expensive SLA breaches and unhappy customers.” 

“We have many clients, each using our application slightly differently. Keeping our Kubernetes environment optimized is essential for Solidus Labs to ensure our applications have the resources they need to support our customers today, and as our company continues to grow in the future,” Ben Hoffman, R&D Director of Solidus Labs. “PerfectScale saved us a lot of analysis and troubleshooting time, making it easy to continuously maintain our system’s health and cost-effectiveness”

PerfectScale’s SaaS Platform comes with a rich set of features, including:

  • Multi-cluster, Multi-cloud Visibility: Supports any flavor of Kubernetes including AWS EKS, Google GKE, Azure AKS, and bare metal
  • Resiliency Risk Detection: Proactively eliminate issues that put resilience and performance at risk
  • Waste Detection: Get insights that cut costs by eliminating unnecessary waste
  • Issue Prioritization: Identify and remediate the most pressing issues
  • Actionable Recommendations: Quickly right-size your environment with convenient, GitOps-friendly remediations
  • Impact-Aware Predictive Analysis: Understand how system changes will impact the environment to ensure continual cost-effectiveness and durability 
  • Seamless Governance: Align continuous optimization with established engineering workflows 
  • Trending Analysis: Over-time reporting on system cost, waste, and resilience issues, that track optimization progress and help users understand system seasonality and pinpoint anomalies

PerfectScale is available in a free, 30-day trial. It takes minutes to install, and starts providing results instantly, all with a minimal footprint in your environment. Get started today

About PerfectScale

PerfectScale makes it easy for DevOps, Platform Engineering, and SRE professionals to ensure their Kubernetes environments are continually durable and cost effective. By comparing overtime usage patterns with resource configurations we provide actionable recommendations that improve performance, eliminate waste, and reduce carbon emissions. Get the data-driven intelligence needed to ensure peak Kubernetes performance at the lowest possible cost with PerfectScale.

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