May 17, 2024

K8S Sustainability: Optimize Your Clusters to Save the Planet!

Brendan Cooper
Head of Marketing

It’s widely known that IT emissions already rival those of airlines despite the low server utilization that can be achieved with cloud-native technology. We need an urgent shift for the planet, and it can lead to surprisingly cost-effective results.

Change starts with admitting the problem, measuring emissions precisely, and ending wasteful development and operations practices. It's time to prioritize quality and sustainability over rushed, poorly built features.

Join Pini Reznik - the CEO and Co-Founder of re:cinq - the  Green Software Services consultancy as he chats to Anton Weiss about the relationship between IT sustainability,  cost, and performance in the cloud-native world.

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Session Overview

What you will learn:

- What makes your software “green”?
- What are the main sources of waste and “carbon footprint” in software?
- How it all relates to cost-saving?
- How to measure the carbon footprint of your Kubernetes clusters?

Who is this webinar for:

- Sustainability-minded DevOps, platform, and backend engineers.
- IT operations managers preparing for the new CSRD sustainability reporting
- FinOps professionals looking to extend their understanding of IT sustainability

Meet our experts

Pini Reznik -CEO & Co-Founder of re:cinq

Pini is the CEO and Co-Founder of re:cinq, a Green Software Services business that is helping save the world by reducing carbon emissions produced by Software and IT systems.

He has a versatile background, with experience ranging from a Software Engineer, an engineering manager, a tech executive, and an entrepreneur. Previously he was the CTO/CRO/COO and Co-Founder of Container Solutions, a Cloud Native Services business, and the author of O'Reilly's Cloud Native Transformation book.

Anton Weiss -Chief Storyteller PerfectScale

Anton has a storied career in creating engaging and informative content that helps practitioners navigate through the complexities of ongoing Kubernetes operations. With previous experience as a CD Unit Leader, Head of DevOps, and CTO and CEO he has worn many hats as a consultant, instructor, and public speaker. He is passionate about leveraging his expertise to support the needs of DevOps, Platform Engineering, and Kubernetes communities.

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