February 22, 2024

Optimizing Throughout the Platform Engineering Maturity Model

Brendan Cooper
Head of Marketing

In October 2023, the Platform Engineering Maturity Model was released providing a framework aimed to guide the organizations investing in internal delivery platforms. The model encourages us to mature our platform engineering discipline and resulting platforms through intentional planning.  

The final level of the model is called “Optimizing” and as Donald Knuth has famously written: “Premature optimization is the root of all evil”.

But should we really postpone all optimization until we reach that ultimate platform maturity? We think not. Rather, optimization plays different roles and has varying impacts at each level of the model.

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Session Overview

In this session, Abby Bangser, CNCF’s Platform Working Group Lead and Platform Engineering Maturity Model Co-Author, discusses ways to continuously optimize the processes, policies, and technologies that constitute our platform throughout each stage of the model, helping you ensure the desired long-term business outcomes as you mature your operations.

What you will learn:

- A high-level understanding of the maturity model and how it is used- How optimization can be applied throughout the stages of the maturity model - A deep dive into common cases of what optimization looks like for platform engineers

Who is this webinar for:

- Platform Engineers looking for opportunities to optimize and mature their practices- Platform Product managers with goals to provide engineers with more value, less overhead, and higher efficiency - CTOs/VPs/Directors focused on driving optimization to support and improve their organization’s digital transformation

Meet our experts

Abby Bangser

CNCF’s Platform Working Group Lead

Abby is a Principal Engineer at Syntasso delivering Kratix, an open-source cloud-native framework for building internal platforms on Kubernetes. Her keen interest in supporting internal development comes from over a decade of experience in consulting and product delivery roles across platform, site reliability, and quality engineering.Abby is an international keynote speaker and co-host of the #CoffeeOps London meetup. Outside of work, Abby spoils her pup Zino and enjoys playing team sports.

Anton Weiss

Chief Storyteller PerfectScale

Anton has a storied career in creating engaging and informative content that helps practitioners navigate through the complexities of ongoing Kubernetes operations. With previous experience as a CD Unit Leader, Head of DevOps, and CTO and CEO he has worn many hats as a consultant, instructor, and public speaker. He is passionate about leveraging his expertise to support the needs of DevOps, Platform Engineering, and Kubernetes communities.

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An on-demand session with Abby Bangser where we discus the role optimization plays throughout the Platform Engineering Maturity model and the varying impacts at each level of the model.
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