June 12, 2024

On-Demand Webinar: Scaling Success: The Role of GenAI in Modern DevOps

Brendan Cooper
Head of Marketing

In the rapidly evolving world of software development, staying ahead of the curve is easier said than done. The transformative potential of generative AI (genAI) across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) opens up countless opportunities for DevOps teams. Still, many are wondering: "How do we get started?"

Check out this on-demand session where we speak with Patrick Debois, co-author of the DevOps Handbook, and discuss how to effectively integrate and manage genAI technologies in your DevOps environment, paving the way for enhanced performance and innovation.

We'll address common fears and misconceptions, showing that you don’t need a background in data science to leverage the power of genAI.

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Session Overview

What you will learn:

- Practical tips on getting started, coupled with straightforward strategies, to adapt genAI tools into your current workflows
- The crucial aspects of deploying genAI with a focus on testing and observability
- The necessity of dedicated platform teams (did somebody say MLOps?) to efficiently scale genAI throughout your organization
- Strategies for scaling genAI initiatives, ensuring sustainable growth and success

Who is this webinar for:

- DevOps and Platform teams who now need to do MLOps and AIOps too
- Infrastructure engineers motivated to improve their workflows with GenAI
- Continuous delivery innovators
- Data engineers looking to leverage DevOps practices for effective software delivery

Meet our experts

Patrick Debois: Technologist and Author

Patrick is a versatile technologist with a breadth of experience across Dev, Sec, and Ops. Known for his aptitude in harnessing emerging ideas, he skillfully guides teams and advises businesses ranging from startups to enterprises in their journey.

He is credited with coining the term DevOps and co-authoring the widely known DevOps Handbook. In the past, he has worked together with renowned tech organizations such as Atlassian and Snyk. Through open sharing and lateral thinking, Patrick is not just enhancing his professional growth but also contributing significantly to the evolution of the field.

Anton Weiss: Chief Storyteller PerfectScale

Anton has a storied career in creating engaging and informative content that helps practitioners navigate through the complexities of ongoing Kubernetes operations. With previous experience as a CD Unit Leader, Head of DevOps, and CTO and CEO he has worn many hats as a consultant, instructor, and public speaker. He is passionate about leveraging his expertise to support the needs of DevOps, Platform Engineering, and Kubernetes communities.

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Check out this exclusive session with Patrick Debois as he discusses practical tips on getting started and scalable straightforward strategies to adapt genAI tools into your current workflows
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