April 24, 2024

On-Demand Webinar: WASM and Kubernetes - A Match Made in Heaven?

Brendan Cooper
Head of Marketing

WebAssembly (or WASM) holds the promise of improving container technologies with a truly universal runtime, tightly sealed security, and lighting-fast execution times.

It is already possible to run WASM modules on Kubernetes but there are also adoption challenges - the path to an operational WASM module is nowhere near as straightforward as for OS containers, the WASI initiative is still under heavy development and some standard features, such as networking, are still in the proposal stage.

Is WASM ready for Kubernetes?

To answer this question - watch Saiyam Pathak, the field CTO at CIVO who has just released an introductory course on WASM and Ant Weiss (who’s also a long-time WASM fanboy) discuss the advantages of WebAssembly for the cloud-native ecosystem and the challenges on the way to its adoption.

Group 5110

Session Overview

What you will learn:

- The origins of WebAssembly- Why it matters for the Kubernetes ecosystem

- How WASM improves application performance, security, and cost.

- How to orchestrate WebAssembly modules on Kubernetes

Who is this webinar for:

- Developers of high-performance applications

- Performance-minded DevOps engineers

- Anyone curious about what’s next in container tech

Meet our experts

Saiyam Pathak

CNCF Ambassador & Field CTO at Civo

Saiyam is working as a Field CTO at Civo with a focus on defining the Civo cloud platform for simplifying Kubernetes and making it accessible for developers.

Previously at Walmart Labs, Oracle, and HP, Saiyam has worked on many facets of k8s including machine learning platform, scaling, multi-cloud, managed k8s services, and k8s documentation. He's worked on implementing Kubernetes solutions in different organizations.

When not coding, Saiyam works on contributing to the community by writing blogs and organizing local meetups for Kubernetes and CNCF. He is also a CNCF ambassador, runs a YouTube channel and Kubesimplify community that aims to simplify cloud-native and can be reached on Twitter @saiyampathak.

Anton Weiss

Chief Storyteller PerfectScale

Anton has a storied career in creating engaging and informative content that helps practitioners navigate through the complexities of ongoing Kubernetes operations. With previous experience as a CD Unit Leader, Head of DevOps, and CTO and CEO he has worn many hats as a consultant, instructor, and public speaker. He is passionate about leveraging his expertise to support the needs of DevOps, Platform Engineering, and Kubernetes communities.

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Is WASM ready for Kubernetes? Join Saiyam Pathak and for a discussion on the advantages of WebAssembly for the cloud-native ecosystem and the challenges on the way to its adoption.
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